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Egg Benedicts

1    Poach Egg 12g
2    Mini Brioche 2Pcs
3    Oyster Mushroom 2g
4    Fresh Baby Spinach 5g
5    Olive Oil 2Gm
6    Black Pepper Powder 2g
7    Salt 2g
8    Chedder Cheese 2Pcs
9    Hollandaise Sauce 4g         



AED 10.25
AED 28.75
AED 3.75
AED 16.50
AED 15.00
Cooking Instructions

1- Break two eggs into the boiling water                 
2- Sautee the mushroom and baby spinach with olive oil add salt and pepper                        
3- Place baby spinach and mushroom on a toasted bread                  
4- Top with poached egg, add slice cheese, and put in oven until the cheese melted                        
5- Drizzle with hollandaise sauce on top                        
6- Sprinkle with chopped chives 
7- Drizzle with olive oil