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A: We encourage the members to enroll by downloading the Sharjah Co-op Mobile app, visiting the Sharjah Co-op Ecommerce website to join the My Coop loyalty programme. However, a member can ‘partially’ enroll into the programme at POS (non-shareholders only).

A: Partial enrolment is when a member enrolls at POS by providing their FName, LName and mobile number (unique). Member can earn points but cannot redeem points until they have completed their profile with the additional mandatory fields

A: FName, LName, Mobile number (unique),

A : Yes, there are 3 tiers:

  • Gold VIP – Sharjah Co-op Shareholders with annual points balance of 100K
  • Gold – Sharjah Co-op Shareholders
  • Bronze – All other members

A: For every AED 1 spent in any Sharjah Co-op store or via the Ecommerce website, a member will earn 1 point

A: Points should be credited to member’s account  immediately; however, members should allow 24hrs to ensure points have been credited before calling the Call Center.

A: Gold customers will continue to get benefits; however Bronze member will only be eligible to receive the benefits upon complete enrolment to new the My Coop loyalty programme.

A: As a member of the My Coop programme, once you’ve reached the required number of points in your account, you can start redeeming 25 DHS.

A: Complete your profile via the Mobile app, Ecommerce website to move your status to ‘Active’ which allows you to redeem your points.

A: Yes, family members can enroll into My Coop. Members can also choose to pool their account together into family account so that all Points are pooled into 1 ‘Head of Household’ account. All members will be able to earn My Coop Points, however only the ‘Head of Household’ account can redeem. There is a limit of 3 accounts under One Head of Household to be 4 persons in one account.

A: Members will need to contact the Call Centre for more information 600548884 Accounts are typically moved to ‘Suspend’ status due to suspicious activity. Members will not be able to earn or redeem points when their account is in ‘Suspend’.

A: Yes, if the member has sufficient points to meet the threshold of points equivalent to AED 25.

A: Yes, if members have the sufficient points balance in their account, they can pay for their purchase using part cash, part points. Points will be earned on only the cash/ credit portion of the transaction.

A: Yes, if you earned points on a transaction and then returned all or any of the items, Points will be deducted from your account.

A: No, members cannot transfer points.