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Mutant New Look Bcaa, Blue Raspberry, 30 Gm

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AED 91.10

MUTANT BCAAs are formulated to provide you with high quality Branched Chain Amino Acids to protect against muscle being used as fuel. BCAAs have been studied and shown to reduce muscle damage while also boosting muscle recovery. You demand peak performance, and fuller recovery from your grueling training sessions. MUTANT BCAAs are for you, the dedicated. Features of Mutant New Look Bcaa 9.7,30 Serving This BCAA powder has 9.7 grams of fully instantized BCAA energy blend to help with your recovery which can promote muscle growth over time. 8 ADDED ELECTROLYTES  Staying hydrated is an important part of building muscle! That’s why we made sure to add 8 electrolytes to keep you hydrated to keep you going! ABSORPTION ACCELERATOR | This powder is finished off with a patented absorption accelerator to make sure it works as hard as you do. This BCAA powder mix is in the preferred 2:1:1 ratio then instantized for superior solubility; with added Micronized Amino Support Stack and finally magnesium fortified to help contribute to protein synthesis.

  • Brand: Mutant
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Weight: 0.43 g
Mutant New Look Bcaa, Blue Raspberry, 30 Gm
Mutant New Look Bcaa, Blue Raspberry, 30 Gm, 0 Reviews