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InnoGio InnoGIO GIO Dino, Kids silicone Night Light

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Perfect for a children's room and ideally suited also for travel. GIOlama will be the perfect companion for your child while growing up. The friendly and cheerful design of the lamp will make your child love it right away. And the soft and calming glow of light will bring the right atmosphere to the child's room. The changing colors of the lights will help your child fall asleep without difficulty, overcoming any nightmares of darkness.The soft material from which the lamp is made ensures the safety of use of even the smallest children. On the other hand, changing the colors by touching the lamp with your hand will provide great fun not only during the evening ritual of falling asleep.• Ideal for the room of a newborn, infant, irreplaceable during night changing and feeding. Also for older children, it will be the best friend, providing a restful sleep and protecting against the fear of darkness.• Made of soft and safe silicone with rounded shapes and smooth edges that will allow the child to play safely.• Very pleasant to the touch material will make the lamp also a favorite cuddly toy.• The lamp is perfect as a gift, it will certainly bring a smile to the face of every child.• The lamp is nicely packed in the original cardboard box• Wireless power will allow your child to take their favorite light on any trip.• Built-in rechargeable battery (charged via USB) will provide up to 10 hours of uninterrupted fun.• When turned on, the lamp shines with a "warm", subdued light, which when touched by the hand begins to change smoothly passing through 8 colors. The next touch of the lamp stops the selected color.• The lamp does not heat up. Characteristics (properties):• Single charge use: up to 10 hours• Power Supply: USB cable• Charging voltage: 220-240V• Battery: Li-ion• Battery Capacity: 1200mAh• Material: safe silicone• Light Type: LED• Max power: 0.5W• Switch type: button at the base of the lamp• Number of colors: 8- changes color gradually every 3 seconds• The lamp does not heat up.

  • Brand: InnoGio
  • Country Of Origin: CHINA
  • Size: 14
    90 x 10
    00 x 15
  • Color: White
InnoGio InnoGIO GIO Dino, Kids silicone Night Light
InnoGio InnoGIO GIO Dino, Kids silicone Night Light, 0 Reviews